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Author Topic: Smoke's Pet Suggestions  (Read 1059 times)

Offline mogdogolog

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Re: Smoke's Pet Suggestions
« Reply #30 on: December 16, 2014, 04:26:42 am »
I gotta say, I think getting a dog would be a great idea. But not just a dog, a mangy mutt Smoke finds on the street. It doesn't have to be hugely useful, just a loyal companion who despite lacking strength will aid Smoke however it can. Just for the beggar image that would be most fitting, we've already got his private armies pets to be useful...
"*Something incredibly witty, I don't know use your imagination or something*"

Offline R_loling

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Re: Smoke's Pet Suggestions
« Reply #31 on: December 16, 2014, 12:40:42 pm »
How about a gnom that collects his loot during fights?

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Offline Seshou

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Re: Smoke's Pet Suggestions
« Reply #32 on: December 16, 2014, 01:56:23 pm »
Make Tristan his pet.Done.

Offline Raj2905

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Re: Smoke's Pet Suggestions
« Reply #33 on: March 31, 2015, 02:14:55 am »
i vote for a twin tailed Shadow foxs.

its fur colors would be ash grey/silver, amber/silver

as for a back story, smoke went with seirra to have her get the shield breaking ability from the armadillo but finds a mixed family of dire wolf and fox caught in a stampede of them. the wolf father doesn't make it and the mother is pregnant and hurt. they run back to home and after a nerve wrecking amount of time, the kids are born. one male amber/silver color shadow fox and one female ash grew/silver shadow fox. the mother couldnt make it through the week and died. now orphans, the two, Smoke and Seirra, took a fox each. grey for smoke and amber for seirra.

oh small perk, smoke can bond igniz to the fox and let it use fox fire :D

yup this idea has uniqueness too but i don't think it will b loyal, for loyalty smoke and sierra kill the enemies of fox mother and fathers and save both children then mother or father fox entrusting them to smoke and sierra ie of course considering the childrens are able to perceive everything going around,
but u know those are children so smoke will not b able to use them immediately.
BTW i want smoke to get something unique like igniz(mutant,and probably there are just few or none and strongest of his kind),i m rather interested in what he gets and how he gets it.


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